The West of the World: Goals and Challenges

In the previous installment in the West of the World mini-series, we introduced the new collaboration between traditional music group Burkina Azza from Burkina Faso and Australian Jazz group The Ashley de Neef Quartet (that’s me).

In this episode we go into greater depth with the project, and look at the three main goals of the album and some of the main challenges in pulling off this ambitious project.

Included below are two videos, one is of myself demonstrating the bass parts for one of the more complicated pieces on the album called The Wayside. This piece is in 4/4 and is triplet based. I think it’s rhythmically quite interesting because it uses strange groupings of triplets, and emphasis on unusual parts of the beat to give the music forward momentum.

The second video is of Burkina Azza, and I think it’s a great video to demonstrate the balafon which we hear about a lot in this episode.

The next episode will be focusing on the compositional process of making this album, and how I overcame some significant limitations with the instruments to write the music.

Oh and by the way…

In a few days time I’ll be flying to Toulouse to rehearse and record this project with the Burkina Azza guys, and if you haven’t already I strongly suggest you check out our Instagram feed and our Facebook Page, as I’ll be updating them several times a day with new photos and videos of the process.


Roving Sounds Radio Show #5 - West of the World: Goals and Challenges

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