Welcome to Roving Sounds

In late 2013 I was fortunate enough to travel to West Africa as part of a drumming and dancing tour, and whilst there I listened to, played, and experienced some incredible music.

Through past trips of mine I have always attempted to record audio, of anything interesting I might hear (lots of creaky fans and doors), and on this trip I fortunately recorded the audio of many different, but incredible types of music.

This trip was life changing and eye opening in many ways, particularly as a musician, and I find such incredible value in listening to the recordings made – be it musical complexity, diversity, cultural and nostalgic. Given the success of this trip to West Africa, and my appreciation of the recordings, I feel this is a process I would like to continue wherever possible throughout the world.

I feel incredibly grateful to be able to undertake this initial trip, which has spurred me down this fascinating path, and want to acknowledge the West Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra (WAYJO) who provided the funding to make this trip a possibility.

I would also like to acknowledge Ekome Tours for arranging this tour, and cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone vaguely interested in African Music, and/or drumming.

So welcome to Roving Sounds, the place where I can publish, discuss, analyse, promote and share all the incredible music I’ve seen and recorded across the world.

At present I have many hours of recordings, photos and video collected from Ghana and Burkina Faso, which I will publish and describe over the coming weeks – however in the immediate future, plans have been made to collect recordings from the north of India, Croatia and Spain.

Roving Sounds is in effect, a sort of travel blog, however its central focus is always to learn, record, discuss and share folk music from around the world.

Whilst i have created, and supply the recordings for this site, by no means do i consider myself to be an expert, or a specialist in any of the music that i share. The main reason for wanting to create Roving Sounds was so that i could learn more about music, culture and people. So to that effect, if you have corrections, comments, suggestions, complaints, I’ more than happy to hear them – everything here is in the spirit of learning.

If you think this sounds like an interesting project, and one what you’d like to hear more about – please subscribe to the Roving Sounds mailing list on the side of this page. Subscribers will receive exclusively available extra recordings, as well as regular updates, stories, pictures and videos from the travels so far.

I am incredibly excited to get going on this project as I have a lot of amazing music to share, and I’d be thrilled to have anybody and everybody along for the ride.


Ash de Neef