Roving Sounds is for anybody who is inquisitive in nature, adventurous at heart and crazy about music – no theoretical knowledge required.

Ashley de Neef is an Australian-born musician and music enthusiast, who was spurred down a path of musical exploration by a life changing trip to Africa in 2013. On this trip he was fortunate enough to see many local artists performing their music, and even record a significant number of these. The music, the recordings and the process have inspired Ashley to take further trips to record performances of traditional music, and to share and dissect them here on Roving Sounds.

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2. Salaka – Part One – Ghanaian Dancing and Drumming Superstars Salaka

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By trade, Ashley is a jazz double-bassist, with a Bachelor of Music (hons) from the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and has played with notable artists in the jazz world such as Greg Osby, John Abercrombie and James Morrison.

He has also written extensively for, and performed regularly with his own group, the Ash de Neef Quartet, around Perth and Australia.

If you’re interested further in his personal musical endeavours you can read and hear more here.

As of March 2015 Ashley lives in London, and is periodically travelling in search of new recordings.