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West of the World is an 8-piece band African/Jazz band that play music inspired by the rhythms and sounds of West Africa, combined with the melodies and improvisation of jazz. More info…

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Dagomba Drumming

Dagomba Drumming from the Kingdom of Dagbon is some of the most incredible music in Ghana. We hear it today in combination with a powerful vocal group. Read More

Salaka – Ghanaian Drumming Masters

Salaka are masters of Traditional Ghanaian Music, from across the entire nation. They perform authentic rhythms and dances, in the heart of Accra. Read More

Burkina Azza – Griots of Burkina Faso

Griots are cultural beacons in West African communities. They are the guardians of tradition. Today we hear some music from Griot group Burkina Azza.Read More

Religion in Ghana

Ghana is one of the most devout countries in the world, with 96% identifying with a religion – most commonly, Christianity and Islam.Read More

The Kpanlogo – A Dance, Rhythm and Drum

Kpanlogo is a popular dance style and musical rhythm from Ghana, developing out of the Ghana region in the 1950s and is performed with the Kpanlogo drum.

Klapa – Croatian a Capella Singing

Klapa is a form of a capella singing from the Dalmatian coast of Croatia in which folk songs and popular songs are performed by groups of 4-10 singers. It is a beautiful and rich music, which you can learn more about here

Irish Folk Music – History and Future

This is the first episode of the Roving Sounds Radio Show our new podcast, presenting great field recordings collected whilst on the road. In this episode we’re in Ireland, examining Irish Folk Music, how its changed over the last 1000 years, and where its going now. We’ll be hearing recordings collected on the east and west coasts of Ireland, and an interview with Uillean Piper John Devine.

Irish Folk Music – Inside The Session

In this blog post and podcast episode Roving Sounds looks at the instruments and song types of Irish Folk Music, and through looking at sessions and recordings, gives some helpful advice for listening to Irish Music.


Gnawa Music: Morrocan Trance


Gnawa Music is a spiritual music from the Morocco, in North Africa. It combines influences from West-Africa, North-Africa and Middle-Eastern Islam. In the third episode of the Roving Sounds Radio Show we look at the origins of the Gnawa people and their music, the instruments and characteristics of the music, and investigate links between Gnawa Music and African American Music. Read More…

The West of the World Project Part 1

Roving Sounds is sponsoring a musical collaboration between traditional West African group Burkina Azza, and Australian Jazz group the Ashley de Neef Quartet. This episode introduces the project, the people involved, and gives musical examples of the upcoming collaboration. The project will begin in Toulouse in two weeks time. Read More

West of the World Project Part 2

In this episode of the Roving Sounds Radio Show we talk about the upcoming West of the World collaboration project in more detail, including it’s specific aims, and some of the musical, communicative and logistical challenges encountered along the way. This post also features a video performance from collaborators Burkina Azza and a sneak peak of the track The Wayside

West of the World: Compositions

This episode looks at two pieces from the upcoming West of the World Album – The Wayside and Home. We go in depth about how I composed them and what i hoped to achieve with each piece, including how i addressed my compositional goals and got around some tricky difficulties.